“Travelin Man” A Day In The Life Of Jack Nine Films

by Jay Chief on March 6, 2014 · 0 comments

"Travelin Man" A Day In The Life Of Jack Nine Films

Shot on my iPhone so excuse the quality……People Don't know the sacrifice I put in… Day in and Day Out… The sleepiness nights, The Lonely Travels and The emotional Toll it can take on me and my family. Everyone assumes its easy…. Now I am SUPER BLESSED and without God holding me down I definitely would fail…. But I sacrifice ALOT to get where I'm at and where I'm going…. Respect The Grind, Love God and Keep it pushing…. God Is Love… #jackninefilms…. Twitter/Instagram : @jackninefilms

Song Credit: DJ HONDA and MOS DEF "Travelin Man..

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